Our Next Executive Board Meeting will be:
Monday, August 22nd, 2022
At the HCBA Office (4062 S Access Rd. 37406)

We are super excited to let you know our next HCBA Executive Board Meeting will be Monday, August, 11am, at the HCBA Office. We will get updates from ministry leaders and let you know about some special ONE-TIME events we have coming up that will serve your church well. We have new resources to let you know about, as well as discussing opportunities to partnership with us and other churches on future initiatives/projects.

“Who is this for and why do I need to come?” Good question.
(1)The active pastors of the churches in the Association who hold membership in a church of the Association
(2) One other member of each church, elected by the church
(3) One additional member to the Executive Board for each 1,000 members not to exceed five members from any one church -even if these other serve as chairmen of committees or as officers of the Association.
(4) HCBA Committee Members