Hello Pastor,

We all know that evangelism and increased baptisms dont just happen…  and our communities are increasingly more difficult to reach.  More and more, pastors and church members are confused, frustrated, and feeling very much in a rut” when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission.

But some pastors are NOT feeling that way… because theyre seeing results. They’re reaching more of the lost by mobilizing more of their church members. You are one of those pastors! Your church has been identified as one of the most evangelistic churches in the TBMB network of churches.

That’s why we’ve created The Reaching Tour so that we can get you the room with them, answer questions, and be a catalyst for change.

Let’s face it:  the most effective practices youve adopted in ministry didnt come from re-inventing the wheelbut from modeling what others were doing. 

We will extract practical lessons and best practices from you and your next generation staff on exactly how to Reach, Baptize, and set on the road to Discipleship the unchurched and the lost of Tennessee.  

We want to learn from YOU…

  • How to create an evangelism culture in your church, leading more members into mission
  • Strategies to make Sundays more evangelistic while increasing attendance and response
  • How to adapt to cultural mindset shift so you can share the gospel more effectively
  • Team strategies that are working to mobilize more members in evangelism
  • Follow-up strategies that make the most of every guest opportunity for the gospel and disciple-making.

We are inviting you and three of your next generational staff to join us for the REACHING TOUR roundtable. The purpose of these roundtables will be to glean and gather as much information and insight into “What’s working in evangelism Today.”

Date:       May 14th

Location: Stuart Heights Baptist Church

1505 Cloverdale Dr. Hixson, TN, 37343, United States

Time:       9:30   Registration      Registration Link

10:00 Start

12:15 Lunch

Attendees: Roc Collins TBMB, Top 10 churches in each size categories (200,500,1000,1000+), Top 5 youth ministries, Top 5 Children ministries, and TBMB Evangelism Staff.