Do you want to learn to teach ESL classes but don’t know how?

We can help!

Twice a year the Hamilton County Baptist Association hosts a training program for those who wish to learn how to teach English as a second language. This time, we are approaching our training differently. We will be doing all of our training online, with modules for you to go through, as you read through your required manual. Everyone can go at their own pace, just as long as it is finished within the allotted time frame. There will also be a required 5-hour video conference lesson, on Zoom, at the end of the training period.

Start and End dates of the online modules: August 1st-26th

Date and time of the end-of-course online call: August 28th, from 9am-3pm

LOCATION: wherever you use a computer

COST: only cost is the required manual – The digital downloads are free. The printed manuals, through Fed-Ex are $9.61+tax for coil bound and $12.50+tax for 3-ring binder

First, get in touch with us and let us know you are taking the training, by answering all the following questions. We will need to hear from you before you can register:

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Use the form below to register for training.


first and last name
to get in touch with you for finishing registration process
for training administrator and teacher to contact you before and during training
Why do you want to learn how to teach English? Are you planning to serve with a specific organization, or will you need help finding one after certification?



Second, the training administrator will contact you so you can make an account with the North American Mission Board. This is required to access the Pathwright site for your modules.



Third, the training administrator will give you information on how to get your Manual, required for this training:



Finally, after being contacting by the instructor for the course, you will be given access to your online modules. This will happen one week out from the first day of training.