Encourage the Pastor

Associate Pastor's Network

Our association desires to encourage the Associate Pastors in our churches. This network meets quarterly for lunch in order to foster fellowship, collaboration, and prayer. Find specific dates on our Events Calendar or email Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com for more information.

Bi-Vocational Pastor's Dinner

Our association provides a Bi-Vocational Pastor’s Dinner five times per year during January, March, May, September and November. If you’re a Bi-Vocational Pastor, you are invited to join us for these meals and fellowship at Wally’s East Ridge. Our desire is to support, encourage, and equip you as you minister. Find specific dates on our Events Calendar or contact Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com if you’d like more information and to be put on our mailing list.

Church Revitalization Network

This monthly meeting seeks to encourage and equip pastors that are serving in dying, declining, or plateaued churches. We meet with other pastors, discuss a section of a book, and then grab lunch and fellowship. For upcoming dates, visit our Events Calendar or email Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com.

Church Planter's Network

The Church Planter’s Network meets quarterly and is designed to connect and encourage church planters throughout the Hamilton County area. Church planters face unique problems and challenges, and this is an opportunity to learn from each other ways that we have found to deal with issues and grow from them. This will also allow us to pray for one another and encourage one another over a meal.

College Ministry Network

Our association cares about college students and college ministers. This network meets quarterly for lunch for fellowship, collaboration, and prayer. Opportunities like our College Disaster Relief Training have come from this network. College ministers around our area, even if not involved in our association, are welcome to join us. Find specific dates on our Events Calendar or email Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com for more information.

Monthly Pastor's Breakfast Fellowship

Our monthly Pastor’s Breakfast Fellowship meets on the first Tuesday of each month at either Karl’s in Hixson or Wally’s in East Ridge. All pastors are welcome to join us as we eat and fellowship with one another. Visit our Events Calendar for exact dates and locations.

Monthly Area Pastor's Prayer Groups

Pastor’s Prayer Groups meet monthly on the North (Stuart Heights Hixson Campus) and South (Ridgedale Baptist Church) Side of the River. This is an opportunity pray for one another, our families, our churches, and our mission to make disciples of our community and the world. Afterwards, we grab lunch and fellowship with one another. Visit our Events Calendar for specific dates and times.

Equip the Church

Annual Church Insurance Issues Seminar

Each year our association partners with Webb & Associates Insurance Agency to equip churches with answers to church insurance issues. This seminar addresses issues like Church Security, Church Facility Usage, Guarding Against Embezzlement, and the role of insurance within that. For specific dates, visit our Events Calendar or email Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com.

Annual Tax Seminar

Each December our association partners with the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board and Guidestone to provide a tax seminar that answers questions unique to ministers and churches. This seminar covers ministerial taxes, internal controls procedures, Guidestone, retirement plans, and Social Security. For specific dates, please visit our Events Calendar.

Hamilton County Baptist Ministry Assistants Association

In an effort to enhance and encourage the cooperative work of the Hamilton County Baptist Association (HCBA) and the individual churches of HCBA, the purpose of this organization is to encourage individual growth and professional excellence, to provide a base of support and fellowship, to enhance communication, and to offer continuing spiritual enrichment. All secretaries in churches and denominational offices that are members of the Hamilton County Baptist Association are allowed to attend! For information regarding meetings, please contact Colleen Middleton at lobby@baptistassociation.com.

Resume Referral Ministry

One of the ministries of our association is a referral service for different staff positions a church may desire/need to fill. We file resumes for a variety of roles as a way to serve our churches. We’re always looking to further strengthen the quality and quantity of resumes we have in our office. Our policy is for churches to contact us, come in, and look through the active files. Please note that we refer, not recommend resumes to our churches. If you know of someone searching for any of the below positions (interim, part-time, or full-time), know of a young person seeking to gain experience in the ministry, or have folks in your church that are seeking a place to serve, please have them email Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com:

Senior Pastor
Interim Pastor/Pulpit Supply
Associate Pastor
Youth Pastor/Director
Missions Pastor
Children’s Pastor/Director
Senior Adult Pastor
Music Minister/Worship Pastor
Ministry Assistant
Business Administrator
Education Pastor
Recreation Pastor

Pastor Search Committee Training

Our association desires to help our churches through pastoral transition. Our Director of Missions offers a Pastor Searching Committee Training that he can give to your church along with various resources that will help your church. If your church would like to have this training, please contact Dennis Culbreth, Director of Missions, at dennis@baptistassociation.com.

Senior Adult Fellowships

Our association puts on Senior Adult programs for our churches. This is an opportunity for Senior Adult groups to enjoy fellowship, a program, and a great meal together! For specific dates, visit our Events Calendar or connect with Jackson Bowman at hcba@baptistassociation.com.