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HCBA's Virtual Prayer Room
A "Virtual" prayer room? You could be part of it!

Daily, we have volunteers in the virtual prayer room  (from their homes) who get requests for prayer mailed from HCBA weekly by Glenna Smith- some requests also go out to those who have email. This effort started when we wanted persons to come to the office building to pray. We never had many that could do that. Then they stopped. A few homebound persons asked if there was any way to be a part of that or any ministry from their homes, wheelchair, etc. That is when we started mailing requests (before email) to anyone who wanted to pray for requests. We always want to hear from churches about their needs and we need others who would like to join this group to pray.

Will you  join with many others in regularly praying for the association’s ministries and other prayer concerns that individuals and groups share with the associational staff?  Age, handicaps or other limitations may prevent some persons from physically participating in events of the association, but these persons can serve a vital role through prayer support for the local mission work.

If you would like to be a part of this prayer team, call or email to let us add you to the growing number of persons who receive regular prayer letters from our office sharing prayer requests from our churches.

We are glad to share your church concerns with these prayer partners who have agreed to pray at home.  You may email or call in your request anytime day or night.  These will be sent on to our prayer partners. 

Call (267-3794) or email us for information.
We would love to have you.


HaCoBACARE Ministries

Volunteer Opportunities

Others have enlisted, why not you?
 A volunteer for Jesus , a soldier true!
Jesus is the Captain, we will never fear
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer

There is constant need for volunteers to serve in various capacities.
Days of service are flexible (Tuesday through Friday)
Number of days served per month is optional
Hours of service are from 9 A.M. to 1P.M.

Available Opportunities

Computer Programmers
Refrigeration Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance
Special Subject Teaching
Food Box Preparation

Mechanical Maintenance
Painting Signs
Truckers (urgent need)

Call or email Gerald C. Lawson (821-2976) for more information


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