Sample Contribution Policy

Gifts to the church designated for the use of a specific individual or individuals are to be discouraged. Such gifts will not be reflected on the donor's record of contributions. However, gifts designated to the church benevolence fund, administered by the church benevolence committee, will be reflected on the donor's record of contributions if no "strings" are otherwise attached to the gift. ( Strings= sending your own child or one identified person to seminary, private school, or any other reason).

The church will accept most types of non-cash gifts such as corporate stocks, land, furniture, clothes, books, art, food,etc. A letter from the church will be sent to the donor, acknowledging the date of receipt and providing a brief description of the property or items donated. However, the acknowledgement letter will not provide an estimated fair market value of the property donated and neither will the donor's record of contribution reflect receipt of the non-cash gift.

To be included in a given year's record of contributions, the contribution must be received by December 31, or if mailed, the envelope must reflect a postmark no later than December 31. The value of time or services contributed by an individual to the church will not be valued by the church or posted to the record of contributions.

Last Published: January 20, 2004 7:53 PM
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