Sample Tax Letter for Donor




 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Donor,

                The Hamilton County Baptist Association is grateful for your continued support.  Thank you for your donation to English as a Second Language / HaCoBA Care ministry.  The work of the Association in the area of resources and training as well as other local mission efforts will benefit from your donation.   The donation Check # _______ for $_____________designated for ____________ Ministry is very timely.  *(or you might list the item donated, but the value is not listed in your letter)

                 We are dedicated to providing support, education and assistance to persons/churches in our area.   Thank you for the donation. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and are vital to the continuation of support, education and assistance we provide for over 98 churches.

                  We are grateful for the assistance that you have given to this work.  Again, thank you for your interest in assisting the HaCoBA and HACOBA  mission effort in this community.  We extend our deepest gratitude for your generosity.



 Becky Witt

 This acknowledgment letter verifies your charitable contribution to the HACOBA.  No goods or services were provided by the Association in return for this contribution.  Please keep this as documentation for income tax purposes.

Last Published: January 13, 2004 8:01 PM
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