How to access and view your church's ACP information

To check your church Hamilton County Church stats (referred to as surveys on this website) from 1980 until now go to:

        Enter user name:  bwitt
        Enter Password:  password

Either enter info to locate your church by zip code and address and click to search,  (you might have to click a grey colored troubleshooting page box to enter).  If you have trouble finding your church you can  look at all congregations in Hamilton County and scroll to your church and double click to select.  After finding your church move your curser to the  black bar near the top and click SURVEYS, and pick year or years that you might need from the Historical Responses.

Baptist Building Resource Center
Need to review materials for one of your church program areas? Need equipment for a presentation? Need study helps for a class, group, or the church? Visit our Resource Center!


List of Resource Center Materials

Call 267-3794 for more information

Electronic Helps for Sunday School Leaders

  LifeWay offers a number of newsletters including two that we recommend for Sunday School leaders(eSource for SS Leaders) and Christian Educators(CE-News). Click on the link below to see the complete list and subscribe to those that interest you.  

 LifeWay Newsletters

Have Exhibit, Will Travel
      Members of the associational staff are more than willing to travel with an exhibit to your church to share information. We are finding that many of our church members do not know the full scope of the ministries and mission efforts of their association. We enjoy the opportunity to visit your church, and we would be happy to bring a display board and materials with your permission. In addition, you may also request one of us to speak during your service. All it takes is a call to the Baptist Building (267-3794) or an email to Becky Witt to schedule a Sunday or Wednesday to have an exhibit available in your church. We will gladly leave it there a couple of Sundays if the schedule of requests permits.

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