Spring 2019 Courses

Term A (8 Weeks) – Week of January 22-March 12

ZMTI 106A: Biblical Foundations I

Teacher: John Trewhella, Campus Pastor of White Oak Baptist Access Campus
Location: Hamilton County Baptist Association (4062 South Access Road Chattanooga, TN 37406)
Time: Tuesdays at 6pm
Dates: Week of January 22-March 12
Description: Many Christians have not taken time to study the various doctrines of the Bible that are critical to our spiritual growth.  The first section of Biblical Foundations will engage students in doctrines such as the trinity, the second coming, the afterlife, etc.  An Understanding of these Biblical foundations will lead believers to a deeper relationship with God.

Biblical Foundations I Syllabis

Term B (8 Weeks) – Week of March 26-May 14

ZMTI 106B: Biblical Foundations II

Location: Hamilton County Baptist Association (4062 South Access Road Chattanooga, TN 37406)
Time: Tuesdays at 6pm
Dates: Week of March 26-May 14
Description: This course is a continuation of the first section.  Students will learn the doctrines of redemption, the church, the return of Christ and how these doctrines impact their everyday life.

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Samford’s Ministry Training Institute at the Hamilton County Baptist Association is a non-degree program that equips ministers and lay leaders for service in God’s Kingdom through quality biblical, theological and practical ministry education.  We offer an array of educational opportunities including a variety of online certificates, pre-seminary training for college students, and diploma courses administered all over the southeast. The Ministry Training Institute also provides workshops and seminars throughout the year in a number of ministry related fields. Each course, seminar, or workshop is biblically based and administered with the highest quality and integrity. Whether online, in a classroom or through a workshop, highly qualified and experienced instructors lead each educational opportunity.

  • To engage God’s people in the Scriptures.
  • To train Christians to carry out the great commission.
  • To equip Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries and church leaders to have a deeper understanding of their calling and their unique design to serve the Body of Christ.
  • To provide opportunities for students to be trained and prepared for ministry opportunities in their churches and communities.
  • To guide students to serve God with greater confidence as they are equipped with tools for ministry and service.
Program Overview


The Diploma in Biblical Studies and Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies are offered through our extension network. The extension network, like the Hamilton County Baptist Association, offers 16 courses of standardized curriculum. When students finish 8 courses, they receive the Diploma in Biblical Studies. If a student completes all 16 courses, they receive the Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies.


Certificate courses are offered exclusively online and include Pastoral Leadership, Student Ministry, Worship Leadership, Ministry Communication and Global Missions. Certificates are earned after completing 4 courses of concentration. Courses are offered in a one-year cyclical format that provides convenience and flexibility for busy schedules.


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4062 South Access Road
Chattanooga, TN 37406

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