World Changers

During two weeks in July 2019, 530+ World Changers from all across the United States and North America were in Chattanooga.

Youth and adults were involved in ministry and construction projects at dozens of construction sites. Over the two-week period, there were presentations of the Gospel and professions of faith in Jesus!

World Changers Chattanooga 2019 came on July 6-13 & 15-20!
Soon we will be able to give you an update on everything that happened over this 2 week period of ministry


We would like to thank all of the churches who sent their students to serve in Chattanooga these 2 weeks. It was am incredible sacrifice to not only give up this much time, but also paying your own way to get here and sleeping on the floor of Brained Baptist Church. It is a testament to the Gospel that you all did what you did, on top of the many hours of labor that you gave. Physical needs were met, and all of these projects either planted the seeds, or led to the meeting of a spiritual need in someone’s life.

We would also like to thank all the churches in our Association who donated food and other resources to these teams to make sure they could serve. YOU were a service and a blessing to these teams.