Woman's Missionary Union

Associational WMU Director: Tina Williams

Contact her at 423-645-5296 or romans82838@att.net


Our purpose – to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God – is accomplished through age level mission organization groups, hands on mission opportunities (locally, regionally and globally).

Our mission is to train the next generation of Christian leaders in the following areas:
1) Missional living by learning about mission opportunities and missionaries
2) Praying for those on the field
3) Giving to SBC designated mission offerings throughout the year, giving locally
4) Going – across the street, across the State, across the Country or around the world

The Associational WMU finished the year with a Missions Education and Outreach Conference. The conference was sponsored by Hamilton County Baptist Association, and hosted at Love Fellowship Baptist Church. It was well attended and received much favorable feedback. Local and non-local faith-based organizations came together to fellowship, collaborate, and educate individuals of all ages.
Some WMU members participated in Denver prayer walking, others provided relief and service to various disasters. Additional efforts included feeding crews from World Changers, serving at Food Banks, HaCoBA, and UTC.

Other WMU member churches are actively involved in the support of Christian Women’s Job Corp by providing food for their meeting times. In addition to the support of CWJC, many of our local groups participate in feeding programs, community gardens, ministering to the terminally ill who are homeless, and various other community outreach projects.

We continue to focus on prayer for missions and missionaries throughout the world. In the coming year, we plan to expand our prayer focus, and seek more ways to glorify Christ and effectively share the gospel with others.

We extend a warm invitation to become involved in WMU. If you would like to set up a group or simply learn more about how our ministry can enhance your church, please contact us, we would be honored to share.

Updates from this Year

The extended leadership team of Hamilton County WMU met on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 for a planning session. There were 14 team members present and two guests.

Our agenda for that day included several items of business. Our first measure of business was a brief introduction and welcome to our guests. Second on our agenda was a short devotion and prayer time led by Sister Rita Waller.

We thanked God for an excellent event turn out with Return of the Good Girl and The Kings Table. There were 75 youth who were taught about purity and navigating in today’s culture.

We also thanked God for allowing us to prepare and deliver 250 “blessing bags” to those outside of the Community Kitchen and a special visit to Mary Walker Towers. Four churches were represented with 21 participants. At both the Community Kitchen and Mary Walker Towers we were able to pray with many people. We also put the Word of God in their hands.

After the devotion and prayer time for our missionaries we moved to our calendar revision and a rather extended time of discussion with regards to adding a line item in our budget for Sister’s Who Care. This addition did not change the bottom line of the budget and was added solely for the purpose of accounting for dollars and or grant monies that came in earmarked for Sisters Who Care. The changes were accepted and our budget ratified.

Talk then moved to our hopes to have a quarterly event for teens with WMU groups bringing teens in to participate. Our purpose for a focus on teens is two-fold. First, WMU wants to inspire the next generation of mission leaders, church workers, lay leaders and disciple makers with the love of missions. Second, WMU is dying from the bottom up. We must find a way to get younger people involved in WOM, WMU and Sisters Who Care.

In this next quarter we will: (1) provide lunch for the BCM. (2) provide reception for the CWJC grads (3) plan and produce our second conference for teens called Loved Beyond Measure (4) gather food for HaCoba (5) participate and encourage the TBMB Christmas backpack initiative (6) educate and prepare groups to participate in the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (7) welcome our new MK who is a freshman at Union University with a 25.00 Walmart gift card.

We are prayerfully marching forward and need to fill many vacancies on the leadership team. Please pray with us about this. We feel we have a good year ahead of us and plan to stay focused on MISSION and OUTREACH.

Finally, thanks to the association and the entire team for all that you do for WMU and associational churches. We are surely stronger together. We are super excited and thankful for the support of HCBA.