Disaster Relief

Upcoming HCBA Disaster Relief Training

WHEN: August 23-24
WHERE: Red Bank Baptist Church (4000 Dayton Boulevard, Chattanooga, TN 37415)
COST: $36 for the required background check fee; Lunch will be available for $6
REGISTRATION: Register by emailing Doyle Pittman at dpittman12@epbfi.com or By Clicking the link below:

Tennessee Disaster Relief Training Requirements:

  • All volunteers must be 18 years old to serve.
  • All volunteers must be a member of a cooperating Tennessee Southern Baptist church.
  • We ask that you please take specialized classroom training after you have taken the prerequisite course of “Introduction to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.”
  • Disaster Relief credentials and the yellow hat/visor will be given after “Introduction to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief” and specialized classes have been taken.


There are currently about 25 churches involved in Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief in Hamilton County with about 200 trained volunteers.  This includes the following response teams:

Brainerd Feeding Unit – Contact:  Bob Rann

Brainerd Hills – Chainsaw Trailer – Joel Crawford

New Salem Shower Trailer – Contact:  Alan Rogers

Oak Street Laundry Trailer – Contact:  Frank Copeland

Red Bank Chain Saw/Flood Recovery Trailer – Contact:  Jim Denham

Ridgedale Shower and Laundry Trailers – Contact:  Phillip Adams

Woodland Park – Chainsaw Trailer – Contact: Rick Taylor

Hamilton County Response Team – Contacts:  Doyle Pittman or Stephanie Hudman

The Hamilton County Response Team is made of volunteers from the following churches and colleges:

Bayside                         Christ Community                    Concord                     Dallas Bay

Hickory Valley                Hixson First Baptist           Lookout Valley              Morris Hill

Mt. Carmel                        Ooltewah                            Rechoboth             Signal Mountain

Silverdale                      South Seminole                  Stuart Heights         UT Chattanooga

White Oak

Disaster Relief training was sponsored by Concord in April and by Red Bank in August with about 45 in attendance at each.

About 50 volunteers responded to four disaster callouts in the past year.  This included responses to the following disasters:

Orange, TX                           Rebuild                  January and March 2018

Jacksonville, AL                   Tornadoes             March 2018

Reedsburg, WI                     Flooding                September 2018

Warsaw, NC                         Flooding                October 2018

Several local participation events included the New Salem and Ridgedale shower trailers being used, along with the Brainerd feeding unit, again this year for participants in the Chattanooga World Changers in July and ongoing response to the flash flood in Soddy-Daisy in September.

Collegiate and Hamilton County Disaster Relief Training Report

In the past year, we have trained 124 volunteers from 18 different churches in Hamilton County and 8 from outside our county trained for Disaster Relief, including 10 college students from the UTC Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

A Hamilton County disaster relief team served in Orange, Texas from March 20-27, 2018 to do rebuild from Hurricane Harvey. The team was made up of 16 volunteers from Mt. Carmel, Red Bank, and Woodland Park Baptist churches. Thank you for remembering them in prayer!


Disaster Relief Training Costs:

Because of new directives from Homeland Security, FEMA and other national agencies related to the training and screening of volunteer disaster relief workers, we have begun a cost recovery plan. The cost of a new 3 year (ID badge) credential is $36.00 (for newly trained volunteers or those that had credentials that expire in 2015). The new badge will expire in three years (2018), effective January 1, 2015.

This fee will cover not only the cost of the ID and background check but also the cost of any of the basic training courses a volunteer wants to take (except for First Aid classes and other specialized classes such as ServSafe.